Darrell Delaney calls discipleship “ a commitment to a journey, a pedagogy where you will not end in the same place you began.” This is for the disciple. For the discipler, in the words of Jayson Bradley, “it means teaching people how to know and be like Jesus.”


As the boys in our shelter come from living on the streets, it is imperative that they do not end in the same place they began. But this goes beyond just their physical location. We long to see them made whole in their sense of identity–healed from feelings of being rejected and unloved, freed from a fear of deprivation and an ache for love and acceptance. Through discipleship at Nehemiah, we walk alongside our beneficiaries towards a realization of their identity and worth in the eyes of Jesus, as sons of God, and members of the Nehemiah family. Discipleship is the pillar on which we see their sense of self and worth transformed. Where education affects their trajectory for physical provision, discipleship is where they undergo holistic transformation.


Our lives, our mission, our purpose!

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