Chris and Ana came to the Philippines in June of 2015 and were both moved by the prevalence of children living and sleeping on the streets. Having spent about 10 years growing up in the Philippines, Ana was able to speak Tagalog well enough to begin sitting with the kids on the sidewalk in February 2016 and teaching them English and the Bible.


In February 2017, they rented a building that served as a drop-in day center to try and meet more of the children’s needs. In September 2018, they were able to transition to a residential center in a house they rent to shelter at-risk boys who have been part of the Nehemiah program. The shelter has become a safe place for boys from street situations to live and to learn valuable skills while finishing their education. Nehemiah staff continue to teach classes on the streets to help provide education to children who are unable to be part of the residential home.


We understand that we are responsible and accountable to be good stewards of our soul, our talents, time, relationships and gifts.


We believe that without God we can do nothing and seeking His kingdom, presence and righteousness is above all things.


We accept children from any faith background and belief as long as they do not pose a danger or threat to other children, staff and property.


Spiritual, physical, relational, organizational health.


We believe in giving a ‘hand up’ and not a ‘hand out’. We want to empower children and their families to be self-sufficient and positive contributors to their society instead of being dependent on others for their needs.


Ministering to all parts of the child: mental, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual.


To give children in need a C.H.A.N.C.E to rebuild their lives.

Christ-centered home


Discipleship is at the heart of who we are at Nehemiah Philippines. It is through our discipleship program that the children can heal from the deep wounds of deprivation, desertion, fatherlessness, and rejection. We walk alongside them through their journey to realize their true identities as beloved sons, adopted and cherished by the Nehemiah family, as well as by a global community of supporters who believe in them and invest in their destinies. Discipleship is the pillar by which we see the transformation of their hearts as orphans to accepted sons: from victim to victor. It is the most significant input to holistic and sustainable transformation.


Quality education is the most valuable means to overcome generational poverty. At Nehemiah Philippines, we support children who literally live on the streets to obtain an education through an accredited non-formal program called the Alternative Learning System (ALS), or by facilitating enrollment for eligible children to attend a formal school. Our sponsors and supporters enable us to provide these educational opportunities for kids living in the margins of society, and in doing so, help equip them with the tools they need to break from the paralyzing cycles of illiteracy and dependency.


To see children reclaim their future and restore their communities.

Life Skills

Children living in highly impoverished, indigent areas face overwhelming odds and have very limited access to the most basic of necessary life skills. Scholastic education alone is not enough to prepare them to face all life’s challenges and become successful; therefore, life skills are a crucial part of our program. It is our goal to equip them with the skills they need to become independent, resilient and capable adults. Some of the life skills we teach are self-care, hygiene, cooking and nutrition, basic housekeeping, budgeting, savings, healthy coping skills, self-discipline, decision making and many more.

Vocational Training

Teenagers 15 years old and above in the program are eligible to participate in our vocational training component. This was created to empower teenagers to learn employability skills, develop work ethic, and time management. All participants must set aside 20% for savings as part of learning the value of planning for the future. For those 18 and above, they are given small monthly bills as part of financial literacy and further development of self-discipline.


Our lives, our mission, our purpose!